Useful Links


    • The Society of Biblical Literature is the premier scholarly organization for biblical research.
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library
    • This is a marvelous online compendium of Christian writings, particularly useful for accessing pre-critical Christian approaches to Scripture, from the Fathers to the commentaries of John Calvin and John Wesley.
  • The Sepharia Library
    • A very useful compendium of Jewish texts, the Sefaria Library has the Talmud, Mishnah, numerous Midrashim (think of midrash as the rabbis reading the Bible and reacting to it out loud: fascinating insights, as well as some hilarious stories and illustrations).  Not all are translated, but many are.  This site also features the Jewish Bible, the Tanakh (Torah, Nebi’im, and Kethubim), with the NJPS English translation (2006) following each verse in Hebrew (or Aramaic).
  • The Babylonian Talmud (Jew’s College/Soncino English translation)
    • A searchable, readily accessible translation of most of the Talmud: an excellent resource for biblical interpretation sadly ignored by many Christian readers.


    • The website of the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church.
    • The official website of the United Methodist Church.
  • Revised Common Lectionary
    • The Vanderbilt Divinity School Library maintains this excellent site, where you can find the lectionary readings and prayers for any day in the calendar, and also access hymn suggestions and art appropriate to the day.